Situated at the heart of the town, with views upon the halls and the market, our Hotel-Restaurant "au Coin des Halles", welcomes you to a friendly, modern environment.

Ideally located "au Coin des Halles", near the cathedral and the market place, come stay in our hotel of 17 rooms, where all the comfort you need is right here, allowing you to have a pleasant stay.


Likewise, you can also find yourself with a refreshing beverage in hand on our sunny terrace, for a nice lunch break, whether it's during a business dinner or simply enjoying yourself with your friends and family.

The place to be ! The ideal place to share a great time and relax with your friends.

If such a place exists where it feels good to drink the morning espresso; it's here. Our Cappucchino is made with flavour and passion. The morning paper awaits your arrival at the Bar, just to be read by you. A widescreen TV where it feels great to share the glorious and victorious moments of sports.

For your business meetings,

Our establishment welcomes people with disabilities, except the people in wheelchair.

Initiatives for substainable development, the use of energy and water -saving mesures have launched : use of energy light bulbs, waste sortying,...